Success in recovery or in a cherished dream is envisioning how you would feel, think and act as if you were already there, and then working with what is now.  Do your best to stay in the moment, realizing that each step you take will in time lead toward your success. Dance with what it is. What would be one mini step you could take today to lead you to where you want to go?

Success takes time, perseverance, and courage with a mindset that each step including a mistake teaches you how to grow, how to become that person you know you are deep inside. Think of yourself as an organic, living being.  Remember it takes a tree years to grow tall, the same is true of us human beings.

I have used this strategy to overcome paralysis from the ribs down, one hand becoming a claw and blindness to being mobile, full use of both hands and return of my eye sight.  What is now is.  How can you work with it while keeping in mind your larger goal?

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